Kate Saffin talks to Muriel Romanes and Maureen Beattie about Stellar Quines and The List




The name Stellar Quines is a combination of two old Scots words: ‘stellar’ meaning ‘starry’ and ‘quines’ meaning ‘women’. Stellar Quines celebrates the energy, experience and perspective of women. They provide a platform for women’s stories and create live theatre driven by women and where female practitioners are at the forefront of all creative roles – the only professional theatre company in Scotland working in this way. Work that is defined by high quality, diverse work which reflects an eclectic range of theatrical styles and is underpinned by a commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes. We discussed the current production at the fringe – the Jennifer Tremblay Triology, especially The List, as well as the ways that Stellar Quines encourages and champions new writing.

Listen to our interview with Muriel Romanes and Maureen Beattie about Stellar Quines

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