Paul Levy talks to Next Generation Youth Theatre about The Butterfly Catcher

Paul Levy talked to two members of Next Generation Youth Theatre, Shelby Hannon and Olivia Harvey, about The Butterfly Catcher, a youth theatre production, which is ” a high school love story, capturing the feelings and thoughts of young people as they collectively voice their concerns about the pressures placed on them in education.” Listen to our…

Paul Levy talks to Ian Harvey Stone about The Devil Without

The Devil Without fuses the Faust legend with mentalism. “Faust re-imagined. For 500 years, Faust has stayed one step ahead, but the Devil takes any chance to try again & Faust must hide. Despite not opening the door for one bare hour…all too soon – The Devil Without begins to manifest within. A terrifying struggle…

Paul Levy talks to Simon Plotkin about Off the Cuff TV

Off the Cuff having been delighting audience in Brighton with their impro shows for years. Off the Cuff TV takes audience ideas and turns them into comedy gold. We chatted to performer Simon Plotkin about how this acclaimed troupe work. Listen to our interview with Simon Plotkin about Off the Cuff TV

Paul Levy talks to Mickey Wynne

Mickey Wynne is a musician who has played gigs and been in the studio with the best of them. His own new album, Running on Empty, may well feature in an impromptu gig outside the Brighton Spiegeltent Bosco on Sunday 24th May 2015 at 5pm. Paul Levy chatted to Mickey about his music and the…

Paul Levy talks to the Hiccup Project about May-We-Go-Round?

              The Hiccup Project creative very physical comedy. Here performers Cristina Mackerron and Francesca Dillon-Reams chat to Paul Levy about their Brighton Fringe show at Emporium, May-We-Go-Round? Listento our interview with the Hiccup Project about May We Go Round

Paul Levy talks to Rosa Robson and Matilda Wnek about Beard

“BEARD bring their special kind of bizarre and joyful comedy to Brighton for the first time.” Paul Levy chats to the comedy duo Rosa Robson and Matilda Wnek about the Footlights, and how they create comedy that makes so many people laugh. Listen to our interview with Rosa Robson and Matilda Wnek about Beard

Paul Levy talks to Kattreya Scheurer-Smith about Alana

Billed as “A modern fairy story with a twist. Set amidst the music industry, recording artist Alana suddenly finds herself alone after the death of her father. But things soon change when two new women enter her life. An all-female cast star in this fast-moving new play with live music.” Paul Levy talks to Kattreya…

Paul Levy finds out about Crackers Strikes Again

            Whizz Bang Pop Productions do parties and they also do theatre. Here the cast, in costume, talk about their interactive children’s show, Crackers Strikes Again. Listen to our interview with Crackers Strikes Again

Paul Levy talks to Squall and Frenzy about Thirst of the Salt Mountain

Brighton’s own experimental theatre ensemble, Squall and Frenzy, present a brand new translation of award-winning Romanian playwright Marin Sorescu’s pioneering surrealist work, ‘Thirst Of The Salt Mountain‘. We spoke to members of the company, Ada Dodds, Conor Baum and Isabel Sensier about these three short plays, translating and transposing a Romanian writer, and bringing the…

Paul Levy talks to Michael James Parker about Poets Versus MCs

Verses Versus Verses: Brighton v London Poets v MCs and BITE2015: Brighton Youth Poets v MCs + Brighton v Oxford are the passionate territory of Michael James Parker and Adventure Poetry. Here Mike reveals the magic of the ‘slam’ and shares his passion further. Listen to our interview with Michael James Parker about Poets vs MCs

Paul Levy talks with Gemma Arrowsmith about Everything That’s Wrong with the Universe

Gemma Arrowsmith shares her theatre-making thoughts about Everything That’s Wrong with the Universe, an acclaimed comedy show that “presents sketches and characters exploring the very worst humanity has to offer “. She even reveals what’s right with the universe! Listen to our interview with Gemma Arrowsmith about Everything That’s Wrong with the Universe

Paul Levy talks to Simon Lovat about Dead Happy

Yama Theatre Productions presents Dead Happy at your house! Simon Lovat’s 2013 hit one-man show returns to Brighton! “Experience the world of funeral directing in all its bizarre humour and pathos when Francis Putlock visits your home for an unforgettable consultation”. Simon tells Paul levy how to show was born and how he brings it to your…

Paul Levy talks to Matt Rudkin about The Room in the Elephant

Inconvenient Spoof are regular hits at the Fringe. Creative powerhouse, Matt Rudkin chats about their new show The Room in the Elephant and shares fascinating insights into how they create their unique theatre work. Listen to our interview with Matt Rudkin about The Room in the Elephant

Paul levy talks to Josh Gardner about The Free Meditation Class

Theatre Moyenne, whose All About George, was a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014, presents the Free Meditation Class at The Basement. Josh Gardner  – the writer and performer, talks to Paul Levy about this very different production. Listen to our interview with Josh Gardner about The Free Meditation Class

Paul Levy talks to Craig Jordan Baker about The Tale of Tommy O’Quire

Writer Craig Jordan Baker talks about rapskallions, fables and the creation of The Tale of Tommy O’Quire, in which “…storytelling, poetry and vivid artwork combine to tell a new tale in old ways.” Listen to our interview with Craig Jordan Baker about The Tale of Tommy O’Quire

Paul Levy talks to Chris Lynch about Macbeth

A bloody and faithful rendition of the ‘Scottish Play’ comes to the Rialto and, in this interview, director Chris Lynch (from C & D Productions), takes us into the rehearsal room of Macbeth. Listen to our interview with Chris Lynch about Macbeth

FringeReview talks to Drum Tribe

                Drum Tribe, from South Africa,  bring the sounds of Africa to the Fringe. We found out more in this interview with them on the day of their arrival in Brighton. Listen to our interview with Drum Tribe

Paul Levy talks to Lucy Hopkins about Le Foulard

Lucy Hopkins’ Le Foulard received an outstanding review from Fringe Review back in 2012 in Prague. We finally managed to catch up with her. Is she an artist or an entertainer? Find out… Listen to our interview with Lucy Hopkins about Le Foulard

Paul Levy talks to Dan Lees about Brainchild

Dan Lees chats to Paul levy about his award-winning comedy show, Brainchild, about clown and comedy and why he doesn’t work in an  office. Listen to our interview with Dan Lees about Brainchild

Paul Levy talks to Dr David Bramwell about The Odditorium

Founder and host at the legendary Catalyst Club, Dr David Bramwell has his doctorate investigated by Paul Levy. He also talks about The Odditorium and the true nature of “odd”. Listen to our interview with Dr David Bramwell about The Odditorium

Paul Levy talks to Jesse Du Pre about Hideout

“The 1920s. The gods of ancient Greece spend their nights in Aphrodites’ boudoir, looking for entertainment by playing with the lives of mortals. Have they bitten off more than they can chew as they meddle with a headstrong Ariadne, a courageous Theseus and a Minotaur that needs defeating?” Jesse Du Pre talks to Paul Levy…

Paul Levy talks to Charles Adrian about Stories About Love, Death & A Rabbit

Stories About Love, Death & A Rabbit at Marlborough Theatre is “an award-winning solo character piece that uses heart-breaking comedy storytelling to evoke the life of librarian Ms Samantha Mann, giving an intricately crafted English twist to a European clowning tradition.” Paul Levy talked to performer Charles Adrian about the show. Listen to our interview with…

Paul Levy talks to Lulu Baker about Lamb Comedy

Lamb Comedy is a new kid on the block on Brighton’s comedy scene. In this interview, Lulu Baker shares the ethos and hopes of this exciting new comedy venue and project. Listen to our interview with Lulu Baker about Lamb Comedy

Paul levy talks to Simon Waterfield about The Kilted Tommy

The Kilted Tommy is “the personal story of an ordinary Englishman, a Lancashire lad who went to war with a swing in his step. He was a volunteer posted to a Scottish Regiment, the Seaforth Highlanders, becoming one of many Englishmen who fought in kilts for their country.” Writer and performer, Simon Waterfield tells us…

Paul Levy talks with Imogen Di Sapia about The Mermaid’s Tale

Downstairs at the Little Beach Boutique plays host to The Mermaid’s Tale, plays host to Bright Moon Theatre‘s “a selection of watery stories and shanties of the sea; featuring a beautiful mermaid, treasure, lots of fish and a majestic wooden ship!”. Paul Levy hears from  Imogen Di Sapia about her love of stories and how the…

Paul Levy talks to Heather Urquhart from The Maydays

The Maydays are back with their new “Fringe Show“. Heather Urquhart talks improv and how she ensures she keeps improvising the way she improvises. Heather is always pushing the boundaries, but how do you actually achieve that? Listen to our interview with Heather Urquhart from The Maydays

Paul Levy talks to Jules Craig about Edith, Elizabeth and I

Jules Craig looks a lot like Edith Sitwell. But this is no mere impersonation. Painstakingly research, Edith, Elizabeth and I is a self-referencing play about Juliet, who  “attempts to put on a play about her heroines, Edith Sitwell and Elizabeth I, but discovers that telling the tales of others has its pitfalls, particularly when the subjects…

Paul Levy talks to Ross Gurney-Randall about An Audience with Henry VIII

It was only a matter of time before Ross Gurney-Randall played Henry VIII. In his new “An Audience with…” show, we have more than a straight-laced portrayal. In this interview Ross talks about stepping into the shoes of this iconic Royal, Listen to our interview with Ross Gurney-Randall about An Audience with Henry VIII

Paul Levy talks to Rowan Scarborough and Frank Simms about Troublesome People

In this interview with producer and performer, Rowan Scarborough and director, Frank Simms, we hear about Troublesome People, one of those rare plays about pacifism, which examines the Second World War through the lens of Jewish Refugees and Conscientious Objectors on the Isle of Man. Listen to our interview with Rowan Scarborough and Frank Simms about Troublesome…

Paul Levy talks to Tom Dussek about Beowulf

Beowulf was a big hit at the Fringe in 2014 for Barely Human Puppets/Atomic Force. They are back and we talk to the show’s narrator Tom Dussek about bringing a Viking myth to life with puppetry, poetry, story and theatre. Listen to our interview with Tom Dussek about Beowulf

Paul Levy talks to Erica Blaxland-de Lang about The Tale of the Pig

Pericles Theatre Company and Atelier have uniquely collaborated to bring this piece of story theatre – The Tale of the Pig –  to the stage. Music is a big part of it, community lies at its heart, and Erica Blaxland-de Lang talks passionately about the piece, with some input from her team! Listen to our…

The Brighton Spiegeltent – Paul Levy Chats On Site to Adrian Bristow

On site at the Old Steine, producer and venue creator  Adrian Bristow tells Paul Levy what he loves about Spiegeltents and Boscos, and shares some highlights from this year’s Fringe programme at the Brighton Spiegletent. Listen to our interview with Adrian Bristow from Brighton Spiegeltent

Paul Levy talks to Alison Pollard-Mansergh about The Wedding Reception

The Wedding Reception is a brand new show from Interactive Theatre International, the company who has been bringing the world (with nine casts going strong), Faulty Towers The Dining Experience for the last eighteen years. Here director Alison Pollard-Mansergh tells us all about creating dinner theatre. Listen to our Interview with Alison Pollard Mansergh

Paul Levy talks to Thomas Gorham from Head First Acrobats about Elixir

Head First Acrobats bring their show, Elixir, to the Brighton Fringe, playing the Brighton Spiegeltent’s Bosco. Described as “A unique mix of mayhem where handsome boys and incredible circus tricks meet with impeccable comic timing to make you laugh and smile”, Elixir is a piece of narrative circus in which “Three acrobatic and enthusiastic scientists…

Paul Levy talks to Paul Zenon about “Linking Rings”

It all began in Blackpool for Paul Zenon, magician. It all bean with a set of linking rings. “Not a magic show, but magical nonetheless.” Paul Zenon offers at this year’s Fringe “an affectionate look at a misspent youth and unsung heroes; a touching true story of interlocking lives.” Paul shares his thoughts on magic,…

Paul Levy talks to James Weisz from Emporium Brighton

James Weisz is either insane or a brave genius. He is successfully piloting an arts venue through its first years and has helped (with his team) to create a vibrant cafe and theatre in Brighton’s up and coming London Road area. Here he chats about staying true to his theatre roots and sustaining and growing Emporium…

Paul Levy talks to Maria McAteer about My Friend Lester

Maria McAteer plays opposite Björn Dahlberg in My Friend Lester, a show in the Brighton Fringe that tells the story of the “musical romance of Billie Holiday and Lester Young”. Maria talks about how the show has developed since it became a sell out hit at the previous two Fringes. As a writer and performer, Maria…

Paul Levy talks to Chris Cresswell about Lost in Transit

Lost in Transit is back at the Brighton Spiegeltent “with a new twist.” A sell out hit in 2014, creator and director Chris Cresswell gives us an update and shares insights into the creation of a unique piece of cabaret theatre that includes circus and clown. Listen to our interview with Chris Cresswell

A Clockwork Orange in Your Home

                Actor, Shirley Jaffe, hosted scenes from the film A Clockwork Orange in her home. I’m serious. Here she chats to Paul Levy about an important talk about the film at The Old Courtroom as well as a site-specific show in the Fringe that is back by popular…

Tony Jaffe – Back at the Old Courtroom

      Tony Jaffe always brings variety to the Fringe. And with a mix of theatre, film, solo shows, music and talks, there’s no disappointing us this year at the Fringe. here Tony chats to Paul Levy about his tea, his vision for The Old Courtroom,  and his programme this year. Liste to our…

Paul Levy talks to Nicola Haydn

              Nicola Haydn and her team have boldly piloted legendary Brighton theatre venue, Upstairs at Three and Ten to the equally renowned Basement. I met Nicola at the Brighton Fringe press launch and she shared her usual passion for theatre and a few updates for the Warren at this…

Paul Levy talks to Julian Caddy

          In our catch up interview with Brighton Fringe’s managing director, Julian Caddy, we thought we’d do something different this year. We asked Julian to take us on a tour of Fringes around the world. Each Fringe has its own uniqueness, yet there is also common ground. Where should you take…