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Welcome to the page for The Filthy Guide to the Edinburgh Fringe, the new book by FringeReview founder and theatre maker, Paul Levy.


“The vital guide to Fringe success and disaster that you’ll carry around with you everywhere in August.”

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Reader comments so far…

“Full of scary but useful truth”

Great read. A must have. Our show is in good shape because of it.”

“This book is like an #Edfringe safety belt on a roller coaster through Hell”

“The book made me want to turn around and head back to Adelaide. Instead I’m on my way to Edinburgh, more ready than ever”

“…loads of good thinking”

“Full of the usable advice. As a fringe show maker, the Filthy Guide is filthily useful!

“Thanks for writing this – perfect timing!”

“I’m bringing this book with me to Edinburgh – the bit on claiming on performance space is gonna be vital”

“… made me realise that you can go clueless to the Fringe. It’s better to be clued up”

Founder and editor of Fringe Review, theatre maker and writer, Paul Levy offers to take you on gritty walk through the Edinburgh Fringe. Packed with practical advice, stories and reflections, this is a very trek through the light and shadow of the world’s biggest arts festival. Ideal for performers bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe, this is also a revealing read for anyone interested in Fringe.

“Paul Levy draws on over fifteen years of experience both reviewing and making theatre. As author of the book, Digital Inferno, he covers the role of social media in promoting your show alongside the plenty of suggestions for claiming your performance space, dealing with the problems and challenges of staging your show successfully among thousands of others. This is a journey through Fringe Hell, into the light…”

This book is not light reading, but it isn’t heavy either. It heads into the dangers of fringe-making and shares the insights of the battle-scarred fringe makers from the last ten years, of which the author is one. There’s plenty of humor and a range of practical insights and suggestions that range from the profound to the downright geeky. It isn’t a neat book and there’s a blend of chaos alongside the sensible “tips”. But hell, it’s fringe hell, so how do we get fired up and not too burned? Read on…

“Packed in practical advice, there’s everything from how to stay on top of the chaos, getting into and claiming your venue, marketing and promoting your show, turning around disaster, and ensuring success. A book to read from cover to cover, or to dip into when you need some specific help.”


Paul Levy is the founder of FringeReview, a writer and theatre maker, director at award-winning Rational Madness Theatre. . He is the author of over a dozen plays, some of which have played the Edinburgh Fringe. He has written several books, including Digital Inferno and The Poetry of Change. He lives in Brighton in the UK.

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