Meet the FringeReview Interviewers! Packed with far too many years of theatre and life, our interrogators love to talk all things Fringe.

SkyeCrawford Skye Crawford | @SkyeLCrawford

Skye is FringeReview‘s London editor, a well known theatre producer, and a reviewer in London and beyond.

danlentell44 Dan Lentell | @DanLentell

Dan is a FringeReview Edinburgh reviewer where he lives year-round. Feeling the pangs of festivals withdrawal in September 2013 he founded Edinburgh49 – a year round arts site guided by FringeReview’s editorial principles.

mememepl Paul Levy | @RationalMadness

Paul founded FringeReview in 2006 and is also its Brighton editor. Hugely knowledgeable, with a wealth of experience,  Paul has ensured hardworking producers get top level, peer-reviewed feedback for their efforts from Adelaide to Edinburgh.

katesf Kate Saffin

Kate is a theatre maker based in Oxford and a stalwart reviewer for FringeReview

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