Paul Levy talks to Nicholas Quirke about The Tempest

March 6, 2016


Nicholas Quirke, from Droll and Folly Theatre,  has brought The Tempest indoors! Known in Brighton for his award-winning outdoor productions, director Nicholas talks about the challenges and delights of having “proper lighting” and the opportunity to create a storm at the Emporium Theatre (now known as 88 London Road).

Listen to our interview with Nicholas Quirke about The Tempest


Paul Levy talks to Simon David Eden about The Albatross 3rd and Main

February 4, 2016











Paul Levy talks to writer, director, and designer of The Albatross 3rd and Main, Simon David Eden, which plays during February 2016 at Emporium Brighton. A fascinating insight into the process of discovering an idea which then becomes a powerful piece of theatre.

Paul Levy talks to Roman Withers and Rosanna Bini about Cabalesque Tales of the City

November 24, 2015


“It’s cabaret, it’s burlesque… welcome to Cabalesque. Do you dare to step inside?” Paul Levy talks to producer and director, Roman Withers,  and writer, performer and assistant director, Rosanna Bini about Cabalesque –  Tales of the City which begins its journey with one performance at Emporium Brighton, with further performance lined up for 2016. The piece comes from Normal People Productions and the show benefited from artistic advice from Archie Caine.

Listen to our interview with Roman Withers and Rosanna Bini about Cabalesque Tales of the City



Paul Levy talks to Simon James about Two Knocks for Yes

October 19, 2015


Shrouded in secrecy, Two Knocks For Yes will incorporate talks, music, theatre and photography. Paul Levy talked to creator and performer, Simon James about this unique show.

Listen to our interview with Simon James about Two Knocks for Yes

“In every story of things that go bump in the night, there are two possibilities. One, that it’s a hoax. Two, that there is something going on beyond the grasp of the human mind”.

And so begins Black Channels’ radiophonic exploration in to the poltergeist phenomenon that forms part of this evenings immersive entertainment, alongside a talk on the folklore of death and water by James Burt, ghost stories and archive video footage, all hosted by paranormal enthusiast, Curtis James.
Real life reports of paranormal activity, otherworldly vibrations and oscillations, chilling accounts of nocturnal visitations and strange activity in the most mundane of suburban surroundings will echo around the 19th Century stone walls of Saint Andrews Church, Brighton. There are tales of hauntings in the venue itself (no longer used for worship), and it is certainly true that the burial vaults beneath the pews have yet to be removed.

Doors open at 7:30pm on 23rd August 2015. Performance starts at 8. There will be no admittance after 8.

This event is part of a series called Miniclick contacts the spirit side. It is produced in collaboration with Miniclick.



Paul Levy talks to Alegna Dezlein about Contact Order

June 26, 2015


Contact Order is a piece of Forum Theatre from Speak Up! Act Out! (working with a Band of Brothers on this occasion). It plays at the Rialto Theatre, and explores ” the story of Mark as he tries to protect and maintain his parental rights. With the support of A Band of Brothers, we will take audiences on an interactive journey of theatre, debate and storytelling as we examine issues of discrimination within our society.” Based on real experiences, producer  Alegna Dezlein  tells us about this unique production.  It plays Saturday 27th June 2015 at 7.30pm. Book here.

Listen to our interview with Alegna Dezlein about Contact Order

Paul Levy talks to Suzanne Procter and Gordon Winter about The Jungle Book

June 26, 2015





Suzanne Procter plays Bagheera the Panther,  and Gordon Winter plays the King of the Apes in Emporium’s own production of The Jungle Book, a musical version that is more true to the original Rudyard Kipling than to Disney. So, how do actors play animals, and how will Emporium turn their theatre space into a jungle?

Listen to our interview with Suzanne Procter and Gordon Winter about The Jungle Book

Listen to our interview with Robert Cohen about Something Rotten

June 13, 2015









Robert Cohen, from Monkeydog, has explored the character of Claudius, from Hamlet, and asks: “Hamlet’s Uncle Claudius: fratricidal, incestuous usurper, or hard-working Danish patriot and family man?” Here. chats to Paul Levy about creating “Something Rotten” and bringing it to Barnstaple Fringe Theatrefest.

Listen to our interview with Robert Cohen about Something Rotten

Paul Levy talks to Richard Franklin about The Luck of the Draw

June 9, 2015










Paul Levy talks to writer and director Richard Franklin about The Luck of the Draw, a play  described as “a domestic take on World War One based on the letters of an Officer from the Front and the reminiscences of a Private Soldier min his 93rd year.”

Listen to our interview with Richard Franklin about The Luck of the Draw

Paul Levy talks to Conor Baum and Mia Terry about Singing in the Rain

June 7, 2015


Paul Levy talks to director Conor Baum and and producer Mia Terry (from Bird Studios Youth Theatre Group)  about Singing in the Rain which plays at Brighton’s Emporium Theatre.  Apparently this legendary musical has rarely, if ever, played Brighton. Find out how this company brings the best out of their cast and claims the space at Emporium.

Listen to our interview with Conor Baum and Mia Terry about Singing in the Rain

Paul Levy talks to the director and some of the cast of What the Butler Saw at Emporium Brighton

April 22, 2015


This was a real treat for yours truly. Joe Orton‘s darkly comic farce, What the Butler Saw comes to Emporium Brighton (produced by talking Scarlet) and I (Paul Levy) get to talk to the director and two cast members! Patric Kearns directs Brian Capron (as Dr Prentice) and Melissa Clements (who plays Geraldine Barclay) in a version that also stars Jenny Funnell (as Mrs Prentice). We chat about the play, the ghost of Joe, and much more in an interview that unravels the creation of characters, the enduring qualities of this play, and why Emporium is such a fitting venue for the piece. (Though not an official Brighton Fringe show, we have listed it under the Fringe Interviews for brighton as it runs until May 9th).

Listen to our interview with Patric Kearns Brian Capron and Melissa Clements

Paul Levy talks to Pauline McLynn

April 22, 2015


Pauline McLynn stars in East is East at the Theatre Royal Brighton. In a wide-ranging interview Pauline talks about acting for both stage and screen as well as writing novels. Pauline shares her thoughts on this enduring play and how she brings the characters she plays in theatre so effectively to the stage.

Listen to our interview with Pauline McLynn

Paul Levy talks to Blanche McIntyre

January 30, 2015







Blanche McIntyre is an award-winning director. Here Paul Levy talks to her about the “scary” prospect of directing the work of Tom Stoppard. We are taken into the rehearsal room through Blanche’s description of the process of lifting a work off the page by a writer who has been called “one of the greatest of the present”. Arcadia first premiered at the National Theatre and comes to the Theatre Royal Brighton.

Listen to our interview with Blanche McIntyre