Fifteen Lesser Known Tips for a Successful Press Release

(These are straight off our own twitter feed – so not spell checked)

I hope you find them useful – please add your own

PRESS RELEASE TIP 1: Three ingredients of a stand out press release: 1.engaging originality 2. clear show descriptors 3. authentic excitement

PRESS RELEASE TIP 2: a way to address the reviewer personally (even if you don’t have their number) is to sign it personally-even digital scan

PRESS RELEASE TIP 3: Some reviewers work internationally – so include two versions of your phone number – one national, one international code

PRESS RELEASE TIP 4: Make it easy for the reviewer to make notes and “flag” your press release – include white space for them to write notes

PRESS RELEASE TIP 5: Don’t look like a shoestring budget group (even if you are) – get a web domain email – not clutz@hotmal or

PRESS RELEASE TIP 6: choice of words:The two magic words of a press release – eloquence and directness – use the richness of language clearly

PRESS RELEASE TIP 7: Avoid cliches (reviewers know them all) – e.g. “groundbreaking”, “side-splitting”, “breathtaking”, “no-holds-barred”

PRESS RELEASE ESSENTIAL TIP 8: Create a version for your press release that is downloadable as mobile/cellphone-friendly browser pages

PRESS RELEASE ESSENTIAL TIP 9:  don’t send attached images of your poster/flyer that are 1 too small to read or 2. too large for the screen

PRESS RELEASE ESSENTIAL TIP 10:- where possible, demonstrate how your show addresses the Zeitgeist – key themes/issues of the times we live in

PRESS RELEASE ESSENTIAL TIP 11: avoid gushing superlatives – “amazing”, “unmissable”, “incredible” – reviewers have heard it all before

PRESS RELEASE ESSENTIAL TIP 12: within the first sentence include:show title, company, genre and a key word or phrase highlighting originality

PRESS RELEASE ESSENTIAL TIP 13: Resize images on press releases. Easily done with Irfanview – – less than 100k ideal

PRESS RELEASE ESSENTIAL TIP 14: use twitter to leave a direct message to reviewers with a TinyURL link to your web site press release page

PRESS RELEASE ESSENTIAL TIP 15:Many reviewers now use netbooks which don’t take CD or DVDs -put your press releases on cheap 1gig memory sticks

There is an excellent basic guide to winning media interest for your show by Sarah Harries on Fringe Report here.

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