Process for a Less Than RECOMMENDED Show

If the show you have seen  is not one, based on your attempt at objective review, that you could recommend to potential audience-goers, then you need to follow this procedure.

1. You do not post a review. Instead you contact the company directly (if  the company didn’t provide contact details, the go via the venue and/or the promoter) and inform them that, in accordance with FringeReview’s policy, the show did not meet our RECOMMENDED (the old three star)  threshold of a recommended show. Offer to give feedback if the company is open to it. They may not be, in which case, the matter rests there.

There is a FringeReview standard letter you can send here.

In the end, it is up to you how you contact them, but contact them you must. Do not give feedback without first asking whether the company/performer wants the feedback.

Some companies are very open and responsive to feedback, others not.

You can also use your own discretion. If you want to contact by phone, this is also okay as long as, with all communication, you observe feedback.

If a company complains about the feedback or their less than three star rating and you need support, contact one of the FringeReview editors. In the first instance:

Skye Crawford – for London and Camden Fringe

Simon Joseph – for Amsterdam

Dan Lentell – in Edinburgh

Paul Levy – for all other regions and fringe festivals

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