Edinburgh Audio 2012: Dan Lentell & Kate Saffin talk to Sandra Prinsloo and Hennie van Greunen

Interview with Sandra Prinsloo and Hennie van Greunen

“After more than 400 performances in South Africa this funny, poignant play tells the story of an 82-year-old woman, portrayed by a South African acting legend, who has to sell her sewing machine after 55 years.  As she cleans it for the last time, we follow the story of her family, her life and her unique view of the world. ”

Dan Lentell and Kate Saffin chat to Sandra and Hennie about his award winning play, The Sewing Machine,  from South Africa.

Interview 5th August 2012: Listen to our interview with Sandra Prinsloo and Hennie van Greunen

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