Edinburgh Audio 2014: Paul Levy talks to Randy Ross about The Chronic Single’s Handbook













Randy Ross has brought The Chronic Single’s Guide to the Fringe. This solo show was born from a trip around the world and is drawn from a novel Randy has also written. Here he talks to Paul Levy about creating the show and his role as writer and performer and reflects on “One man’s global search for love.”

Listen to our interview with Randy Ross

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  1. Evie Moore says:

    I have followed Randy Ross’s career for several years now and this is the best interview I have ever heard- thanks to Paul Levy. Ross adeptly congeals all of his work, summing up the long hours of rehearsals with his team, writing and rewriting his personal experiences and allows the public a select glimpse into his sense and sanity of unwieldly single life experiences, all from an urban American perspective. Loosely based on his 55 years of singlehood, world travel, naughty times as well as thinking better of other offers, his work is highly recommended.

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