Paul Levy talks to Tina Kronis and Richard Alger about Big Shot









Award-winning Theatre Movement Bazaar are back home at the Bedlam with their new production, Big Shot, which is ” an explosive vaudevillian creation inspired by The Godfather films and novel. “Paul Levy talks to  director, Tina Kronis,  and writer, Richard Alger about the TMB “Signature”, and how they deconstruct plays, (and now film), and turn it into such powerful and enjoyable physical theatre. TMB began in New York City as a collaboration between choreographer/director/performer Tina Kronis, and mechanical engineer/writer, Richard Alger. In 1999, the company relocated its base to Los Angeles and has produced eleven original works, garnering awards and terrific reviewsn, presenting its work across the US and in the UK.

Listen to our interview with Richard Alger and Tina Kronis about Big Shot