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Interviews and Audiocasts at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2012

Listen to extensive interviews with the following artists:

FILTER – Paris Petrou & Theatergroep Mamaliga

An extreme left tragic-comedy… in a hut: listen to the interview »


In HET IS MIJ BIJNA GELUKT two people struggle with themselves and each other, in an attempt to get a grip on the only certainty we have: listen to the interview »

 Monday, Larissa: The Practice of Saving – Lilach Livne

This work deals with the tragedy of trying to revive and reconstruct past moments, while knowing that this can never really (re)occur: listen to the interview »

OH MY IRMA – Haley McGee

A macabre comedy with razor teeth, OH MY IRMA, is an award-winning play from Canada that explores the gory lengths of one insatiably curious young woman: listen to the interview »

 Poland 3 Iran 2 – Seyf and Dobrowolski – Best of Brighton Fringe 2011

At the 1976 Montreal Olympics the best-ever Polish football team played against the best-ever Iranian football team: listen to the interview »

 The Woman Who Breathes Too Much! – La Passionata Svironi – Best of Acco Festival (Israel)

All humans are seeking for a meaning to their lives. Some find it in religion, others in sex, drugs and… one woman who found her solution in chocolate: listen to the interview »

The Woman Who Breathes Too Much! was also the winner of this year’s prestigious ‘Tea Cup’ award for outstanding theatre.

Interviews and Audiocasts at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2011

Audiocast 3 – Anneke Jansen talks to FringeReview

Anneke Jansen is Programme Coordinator at the Amsterdam Fringe. Here she chats to Paul Levy at the launch of this year’s Fringe which boasts more shows than ever. Anneke talks about growth, developments at the Fringe and hopes for the future.

Audiocast 1st September 2011: Listen to Amsterdam Fringe 2011 Podcast 3


Audiocast 2 – Interview with Contact

Paul Levy and Simon Joseph talk to Nita Kersten, Anna Maike Mertens and Sophie de Vries about the site-specific production of “Contact“. We interviewed them about making theatre in and around a caravan in a piece that explores “journeys”.

Audiocast 1st September 2011: Listen to Amsterdam Fringe 2011 Podcast 2

Audiocast 1 – Fringe Critics and the Editor’s View

Paul Levy broadcasts from Café De Balie and talks to Amsterdam FringeReview editor Simon Joseph and three of the participants at the Fringe Critics Masterclass, on the last day of a three day journey into the realm of writing about and reviewing art.

Audiocast 31st July 2011:  Listen to Amsterdam Fringe 2011 Podcast1