Getting Started

PLEASE NOTE! This page is only relevant if you have already been accepted as a reviewer for FringeReview.

Welcome aboard!

To get you up and running on FringeReview there are two tasks for you to complete. The first is to get up and running on the FringeReview.

You’ll need to be in touch with the editor for your Fringe Festival or region in order to get a username and password for posting reviews on the main FringeReview site. And you’ll need an email invite to view the master list of shows for review in your area or fringe festival. This is held on a shared document on Google Drive that you’l get automatic access to from the email invite. This shared documents helps us all see who is reviewing what. You will be able to add shows to that list that you want to review, and also check they haven’t already been taken by another reviewer.

We have shared documents for each region or fringe festival we cover. You’ll need an email invite for each one you need access to.

onto our reviews master list.

Once, you have seen a show, the main task involves posting your reviews, once you have seen a show. This is done on the main FringeReview site here.

For this site you’ll need a different user name and password which you’ll need to agree with one of the editors (mail for London and for all other regions).

Once you have that, you find the “login” at the very bottom right of the main FringeReview site (NOT the forum site).

Once you’ve logged in you fill out the form according to our template. We brief all new reviewers on this process, so contact us to arrange a 15 minute briefing. This is a suggested template.

The form is very easy. Remember to always write your review in Word or Wordpad first so you have a back up. Online posting is always a bit dangerous without a backup first!

Please note:

If your show is NOT three stars are more, please don’t post a review – you’ll  need to contact the group and let them know the show didn’t reach 3 stars and then offer the feedback privately, if they want it. (Details here).  There is a standard letter in this resources section here

A show or venue should ALWAYS know you are reviewing the show for FringeReview before it goes on the site. We never review a show without the venue/company being informed.

Main contacts:

Skye Crawford for London –

Paul Levy for all other regions and fringe festivals –

Also add fringereview on skype – “fringereview”

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