Template Letter to a Show Less Than RECOMMENDED or GOOD

It is not an easy process letting a production company know that a show hasn’t reach our recommended threshold. However, mostly companies value the feedback or simply don’t ask for it. The following letter should serve as a template for contacting a performer when their show hasn’t met the RECOMMENDED or GOOD minimum standard.

You may want to add (but please don’t subtract) something to this. On the whole this is a bad idea. It’s better to stick to the formal & neutral tone, allowing the conversation (if any) to progress as the responder sees fit.


In accordance with the FringeReview Reviews Policy (which can be found at http://www.fringereview.co.uk), I am writing to inform you that your show did not reach our threshold of  RECOMMENDED.

Shows below our RECOMMENDED or GOOD level are not published automatically on the FringeReview site. We do, however offer private feedback at your discretion. If you would like us to write the review and offer it to you privately please contact me at the following email address:

Insert your email address or preferred contact details).

and I will be happy to share the review with you privately.

Your sincerely,


Reviewer for FringeReview